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About us

“Enter through the narrow gate.” --Matthew 7: 13-


 We use live cell analysis based on live imaging technology to study the mechanisms of plant development and environmental response phenomena, contributing to our understanding of plant life. My first observation with a fluorescent microscope was epidermal cells of cucumber.  I was fascinated by the sophistication of plants that use light intensity and light quality (color) to regulate  the plant growth and development. A quarter of a century has passed since then, but I am still grateful for the opportunity to be in awe of nature whenever I encounter the potential of plants. My motivation for studying biology is the happiness of discovery based on close observation. It is fascinating to solve the mechanisms of phenomena that were discovered by great men using the latest technology. On the other hand, it is equally or even more fascinating to discover untouched phenomena that no one knows about.  We would like to continue to ask new questions about plants by making full use of the optical technology of the Live Imaging Center at Nagoya University, which I manage as the center chief, and by developing a fusion of technologies from different fields such as microfuidic technology. I would like to enjoy research that is truly interesting with my group members and collaborators.

August 1, 2020 Yoshikatsu Sato

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